I Don’t Always Know

The evening sun sets along with all its light
taking us deeper into the dark unknown
what we may find there we’re often so afraid of
but there in the darkness our treasures all await.

So, what are mistakes but a way to learn
through trial and error it all comes clear
success or failure they’re both the same
it’s all experience, neither right nor wrong.

Sometimes I know exactly what I want
but what I don’t know is how to get from here to there
it seems impossible these dreams are truly mine
finally surfaced after all this time.

There’s a new opportunity with each and every sunrise
new awareness rests amongst the shadows
I may not know but my soul sure does
I don’t always know but my soul always does.

Dreams come full circle as I finally mature
putting what I think I know off to the side
inviting the woman that’s been here all along
to step in stride with my soul.

I may not know but my soul sure does.
I don’t always know, do you?
I don’t always know but my soul always does.
Harp and lyrics by Sharon Lyn Shepard

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