The World of Fae

The world of fae surrounds us
Just a breath away
Hidden in the folds of time
Forever and a day.

It’s a world of glorious magick
A world of play
It’s a world of wonder
It’s the world of Fae.

You wonder how you’ve missed it
Up until today
The answer’s very clear my friends
You’ve been holding it at bay.

You played with us as children
Playing hide and seek
When we sang and danced together
in the glittering mystique.

We hide amongst the posies
Or in the branches high
We swirl with the stars
as we skip across the sky.

The times they are changing
Your eyes are open wide
As dimensions are unfurling
You can see the other side.

So come my friends and join us
Just step between the veils
It’s here your world is manifest
Hidden in the tales.

Tales of wonder, tales of Joy
Glorious tales of Love.
New worlds await you
Anchored from above.

You’ve always known the truth
That we hold your world in place
By sourcing all creation
Into your living space.

The world needs more Creators
There is no time to waste.
We’re inviting new partners
To joyfully co-create.

A new earth awaits
In answer to this call
If you choose to join us
We’ll have ourselves a ball.

So grab a wand that suits you
And touch it to your heart.
Where faerie magic gathers
For you to play your part.

Faerie Magic sparkles in your eyes.
Faerie Magic no longer in disguise.
Faerie Magic is bursting from your heart
Faerie magic has always been in within your heart.
Lyrics for the harp by Sharon Lyn Shepard
Artwork by Edward Hughes

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