Beyond the Veils

The veils which you perceive
are simply old stories
you have held in place
some passed down through the ages
others woven with old emotional pain
some are considered scientific fact
others are nothing more than blips
you’ve heard on the news channel

None of them are true
these are veils of fabricated stories
that restrict you from expanding
into the truth of Who You Are

If you want clarity
with the sincerity of the heart
simply ask to have the veils lifted
because the stories
fabricated by the mind
have never been real
but be prepared
the stories will fade
along with the veils

At first it may feel
as if you have lost your identity
but all you have lost
are the false stories
you have erroneously
identified as your self

Without the stories
you stand in the clear radiance
of your GodSelf
free of the veils
free of the stories
free of judgment
where there is no right or wrong
there is only one story
and that story is Love.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“Wisdom of the Inner Voice“

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Sharon Lyn Shepard is a modern day mystic and visionary. Her mystical writings and music open our hearts, transcend our minds, expand our consciousness and awaken our innate divinity to enjoy the fullness of life with ease and grace.

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