Welcome to the “Black Madonna Diaries”, a series of books, diaries, and music guiding us on a journey into the depth of Love to realize and embody our own Divinity. The story is mine, our esteemed escort is the Black Madonna offering her daily wisdom. Each volume in the series traverses different landscapes of the world, each with it’s own unique “rites of passage”. I invite you to walk in our footsteps in this ongoing journey, because although the circumstances may differ, we are all facing similar challenges during our spiritual awakening.

Although Madonna’s diary passages are present in each volume, companion diaries are available for those who would like to have a personal copy of her original words. Some of her passages have been transformed into vocals accompanied by my harp. This music, “Embrace A New World” is available for digital download at Amazon.

Revelations of Love

Black Madonna Diaries Series, Volume I

Jump into the passenger seat of my little red convertible and surrender to our navigator, the Black Madonna in a magical adventure of Self discovery. Traverse the breathtaking vistas of Spain and southern France to discover the mystery of Love and the reality of miracles!

Rites of Passage

Into the Mystery of Love

As the Initiate
we step out of our mind and into the Truth of Love
to reveal our unconscious limiting thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

As the Apprentice
we transcend our deep-rooted limitations
by trusting our own innate Love to make new conscious choices.

As the Adept
we become the expression of Love, Joy and Wisdom
that naturally unfolds in alignment with our Soul’s purpose.


Available in paperback and ebook

Divinely Human

Black Madonna Diary Series, Volume II

Continue the adventure with the Black Madonna in the second book of this series. Cross the Atlantic with us to Austin Texas, Sedona Arizona, Philadelphia Pennsylvania and Saint Lucia in the West Indies.Free yourself of your archaic beliefs about life and cultivate a new way of being in the world as a Divine Human.

Rites of Passage

Emergence of the Divine Human

As the Caterpillar,
we voraciously seek out and devour
everything in our immediate environment.

In the Chrysalis,
we digest and distill all our acquired wisdom
allowing the expansion and embodiment of our consciousness.

As the Butterfly,
we transcend duality, spread our wings, and fly
as the Divine HumanGod incarnate, in harmony with all of Creation.


Available in paperback and ebook




“Wisdom of the Inner Voice” poetry series will take you on a Soul journey deep into your heart, freeing you from the matrix of the human mind. These poetic words are supportive of awakening hearts, opening minds, and getting in touch with your own Inner Voice to live a peaceful, loving, and joy-filled life. Discover and savor your sacred gifts of expanded consciousness, soul embodiment, and the bubbling forth of your innate passion.

These poetry books are best experienced in sequence to enhance your inner journey of Self realization and discover your own unique Inner Voice. Although each book stands alone, reading them sequentially will expand your consciousness by building upon your personal experiences of the prior volumes. If you haven’t found that still small voice within you, it’s never to late to do so and trust that it will never lead you astray.

It is with love and compassion that I share these sacred words as a gift of ease and grace during this unprecedented passage of transition for all of humanity as we realize ourselves as Divine Humans.

With Love and Blessings,
Sharon Lyn Shepard

Etudes of Love

Wisdom of the Inner Voice, Volume I

There is a sacred song that has continually drawn me deeper and deeper into my search for love. It is the ultimate love song, the song of my soul. “Etudes of Love” is a collection of poems written as Love songs between the soul and the human.

They are the intimate songs of our soul calling us into the depths of our heart to commune with our true Beloved. They invite us into our sacred boudoir where the soul sings the wisdom of our inner voice beguiling the harmonic union of the human and the soul with the realization that we are the embodiment of Divine Love.

They are the revelations of the magnificence of Divine Love, a love pure and free of any judgment. A love that flows without the need to control or mitigate. A love that’s at the core of who we are as our GodSelf, as the amalgamation of God and human. This is the true relationship we have been seeking all of our lives.

Chapter Titles
Power of Love
Self Love
The Beloved

May these poems be a Love song to lure the opening of your heart. May they wrap themselves around you like a warm soothing blanket allowing you to feel safe enough to fully open your heart to the soul food and the divine nectar for which the heart hungers. May you experience Love in a way you have never experienced it before as the Love of the Divine.

Available in paperback or ebook

Realizing our Divinity

Wisdom of the Inner Voice, Volume II

We are so much more than we realize. As humans beings, we have been functioning within society’s pre-programed human mind in a highly complicated world. We have forgotten that we are God embodied in physical form, each in our own unique way of experiencing and expressing life. We have forgotten our spiritual greatness and the embodiment of our wisdom as the Divine within us.

And yet, this is the truth of who we are and have always been. There is no mystery, there are no teachings required, and it takes no effort. It is quite simple. When we approach life as heart-centered, our Self-knowing presents itself. With every action, God is revealing Itself to us, as us. It is in each of these moments, by remembering the totality of Who We Are as Divine Humans, that we find the love and peace that surpasses our human understanding.

Chapter Titles
Healing Separation
Divine Human
Beyond the Human Mind
Heart Centered
Inner Being
All That I AM
Self Knowing

I invite you to take a few moments each day to be still and quiet, allowing these words of poetry to illuminate the truth of who you are as a Divine Human and the realization of your GodSelf in physical form.

Available in paperback and ebook

Labyrinth of Enlightenment

Wisdom of the Inner Voice, Volume III

“Labyrinth of Enlightenment” is a collection of poems reflecting our experiences as we awaken to our innate Divinity. This realization is usually initiated with the dissatisfaction of our outer world and a yearning for something beyond the empty busyness of our current daily lives.

The passage of enlightenment unfolds much like a labyrinth. It is a sacred soul journey weaving its way from our outwardly projected human persona toward the heart of our Inner Being. It is a path of awakening, self-discovery, healing, and transformation. By going inward, consciousness reveals itself to us with the realization that our Divinity has always been present awaiting our awareness.

This divine design is the Soul’s loving way of guiding us through our many layers of healing as we weave all our broken or forgotten parts into wholeness and complete embodiment to live our lives in grace.

Chapter Titles:
Embodied Enlightenment
Expanding Consciousness
Gift of Silence
Soul Path

May the words in these poems guide you to your own Inner Voice as you traverse your labyrinth of enlightenment. Trust that it will always lead you more deeply into the heart of your soul expanding your consciousness with newly realized wisdom to live your dreams and engage in the world as the Embodiment of the Divine.

Available in paperback and ebook



Embodied Transformation

Wisdom of the Inner Voice, Volume IV

For centuries, religion and society have indoctrinated us to seek outside ourselves for an external God, physical survival, for love, and material things to attain our happiness. When in truth, we have always been the Divine and we embody everything we need within us. This realization upends the mind’s entrapped perception of reality.

Although our Soul effortlessly flows with the grandness of this expanded consciousness, our mind flounders. We often feel like the caterpillar who dissolves into mush before it spreads its illustrious wings with abilities it never dreamed possible. Our established beliefs, memories, and habits are being dissolved from our antiquated mind matrix to make space for our newly discovered innate abilities. Like the butterfly, once it takes flight, nothing of the caterpillar remains.

The mind doesn’t know how to navigate these new energies. But your Soul does because it is aware of All-That-Is, free of any judgment or the need to hold onto old ways of being. It revels in this freedom and the expanded version of you. With every breath you take your Soul is inviting you to trust your embodied GodSelf and play with your newly discovered creative passion.

Chapter Titles:
Evolution of the Physical Body

I invite you to close your eyes for a wee bit, take a deep breath, lay your head back, and relax. Realize you already have everything you need right here, right now, within you. Settle in and allow your physical body to acclimate to the energetic changes as you read these words from the “Wisdom of the Inner Voice”.

Available in paperback and ebook


Consummating our Sovereignty

Wisdom of the Inner Voice, Volume V

Just as lovers merge to consummate their relationship, our Soul is calling forth the consummation of all our fragmented human aspects into sovereignty as our GodSelf. Through eons of life experiences, these aspects, both dark and light, have expanded our conscious ability to experience and embody our Divinity. This unique lifetime on earth is initiating our freedom from the former bonds of duality by revealing, healing, and integrating all our fragments into wholeness. It is the integration of all these aspects that consummate our sovereignty within the pure vibration of Love.

Chapter Titles
Recognizing our aspects
Being Present

With the self realization of our sovereignty as our GodSelf, we return peace and balance to our present-day world from within the depths of our hearts, free to create anew.

Available in paperback or ebook