I know who I AM

There is a space deep within me
that knows who I AM.
It’s a place called Home
nestled in the joyous fields of Love.
‘Tis a sacred space
of pure Consciousness
that speaks the words
it knows I need to hear.
These words flow through me
with the ease of spun silk
expanding my Knowing
in recognition of who I AM.
Sometimes I need soothing,
but more often ‘tis a song of Joy
for Home is a place of celebration,
celebrating All of who I AM.
A morning without visiting ‘Home”
is like a morning without breath,
void of the magnificence
of all that life offers.
Home, sweet Home
how long have I searched
and now that I’ve found you
I Know Who I AM.
~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~
~message from my inner wisdom~

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I have Already Chosen

I have stepped through a portal
into a new reality.
Although nothing looks familiar,
it feels like home.

Infinite potentials linger
on the periphery,
and yet I know not
what to choose.
How does one know what to choose
when ‘tis uncharted territory?
How does one know what to choose
when the mind has been left behind?

‘Tis the Soul that holds the key,
‘Tis the Heart that feels its way,
‘Tis the unencumbered Child
that is excited to proceed.

I take a seat and settle myself
into the center
of this new reality
that I have called forth.

I turn everything over
to my Soul,
my Heart,
and the exuberance of the Child within
that has been awaiting
this very moment
since the first day
of this incarnation.

It is only then that I Know
there is no need to choose,
for I have already chosen.
~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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The Safe Haven of your Heart

Once upon a time
there was a young girl
who was afraid
to live in her human body
on this earth plane.

She created
an island in the sky
and delighted in spending
most of her time there
with an enclave of friends.

Then one day,
the island disappeared
and her friends told her
it was time to live
in her physical body full time.

Oh how she hated that!!!
she hated how entrapped she felt,
she missed her friends,
she missed the magic of the island
she missed creating new adventures.

Because she didn’t feel safe
on the earth plane,
she burrowed deep
within herself,
going deeper and deeper.

Then one day, lo and behold,
there was her island
floating in the ocean of her heart
with all her friends
waving her welcome.

Today this girl is blessed
because she has
the best of both worlds,
she knows she’s safe in her body
and all her friends have joined her.

The moral of the story,
go deep within…
for this is the only safe haven
where you will find
everything you’ll ever desire.
~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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