Keeper of Wisdom

You are a Wisdom Keeper
carrying the ancient
knowledge of the stars
deep within you
over eons of time.

Your ancient wisdom
is buried ever so deeply
within your human DNA
through many lifetimes
on planet earth.

Your human DNA and star DNA
are currently being activated

sparked by the rays of the sun
sparked by the crystals of Gaia
sparked by your passion to expand.

’Tis time blessed human
to fully acknowledge
who you truly are
as Star Beings
in physical form.

Here to blend
your human experience
with your ancient wisdom
both equally sacred
in the heart of the Divine.

Here to awaken
all of humanity
to a new way of being
beyond the limitations
of the human mind.

For you are the birthers
of a new reality
exceeding anything
the omniverse
has ever known.

’Tis why you are here
’Tis time blessed human
’Tis time.

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom” 

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Sharon Lyn Shepard is a modern day mystic and visionary. Her mystical writings and music open our hearts, transcend our minds, expand our consciousness and awaken our innate divinity to enjoy the fullness of life with ease and grace.

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