Maintain your High Vibration

As our solar system navigates through the photon belt,
the crystalline core of our earth and our physical bodies
are absorbing Christed Light at an accelerated rate.
As an awakened being this is glorious news!

And yet, not everyone has awakened
excited and ready to move forward
Allow the waves of panic from those
hanging on to the unsupported paradigms
to pass by without engaging.
Allow the world to sort itself out
with compassion rather than judgment
trusting the process with divine assurance.

Meanwhile, heads up!!
Maintain your High Vibe!
Focus your attention on your own sovereign domain
as the Master Creator of a new earth
that awaits humanity as it opens its sleepy eyes
to an enlightened new paradigm.
~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~
~message from my inner wisdom~


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Sharon Lyn Shepard is a modern day mystic and visionary. Her mystical writings and music open our hearts, transcend our minds, expand our consciousness and awaken our innate divinity to enjoy the fullness of life with ease and grace.

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