Natural Abundance

The inability to “let go” is a deep abundance issue
a fear there isn’t enough
enough love
if I let go of this person no one will love me
enough caring
if I’m not in pain no one will take care of me
enough happiness
there isn’t enough to go around
enough things
I won’t be able to afford anything better
enough money
the rich people have all the money.

Once you “let go”, your hands are OPEN
and everything flows to you
because you are in receptive mode
Love, Joy, Happiness, Money
it’s all your God-given birthright.
If you’re having difficulty with this
call upon Grace to pave the way.

It’s time to stop talking about letting go
and simply do it
step into your natural Abundance
the world needs your Abundant Self!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“Wisdom of the Inner Voice“

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Sharon Lyn Shepard is a modern day mystic and visionary. Her mystical writings and music open our hearts, transcend our minds, expand our consciousness and awaken our innate divinity to enjoy the fullness of life with ease and grace.

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