Sharon Lyn Shepard

“When you see the world
as a child believes,
the magic will  find you."
~Sharon Lyn Shepard~




“Sharon, your singing and playing transport me to another time and place infused with wisdom and innocence, transcending to where Source can be understandably gleaned as it touches us in Love. We require more of it. Keep on. Please! You are being divinely gifted by the One, and those angels and beings who live in the Light. Shine on.  Your work resonates with loveliness, sweetness, beauty and the grace of the heart. Thank you.”
~ Michael Lehane ~
North Carolina, USA


“You are a Divine Angel of Expression and Light! Amazing! Your sound calms and soothes my entire being Sharon. Your talent is very inspirational, it gives me hope.This helps make life fulfilling! Thank-you. I love you.”
~ Andre B. Wilborn ~
Maryland, USA

SwingingOnce upon a time there was a little girl with huge brown eyes and thick dark hair who lived in a magical world of eternal wonderment. Her beloved apple tree was her best friend and guardian. Fairies danced through the scented patches of flowers and angels that knew her by name pushed her high into the sky on her rope swing.  Then she entered school, where angels and guardian trees were unacceptable companions. As her mind filled with numbers, symbols and facts, her childhood playmates faded into never never land, where they were only read about in fairytales. That little girl was me, and I suspect it may have been you as well.


It wasn’t until a few years ago that mystic world once again revealed itself to me. In 1999, a voice in meditation invited me to sell my personal possessions, leave my work and move to Spain. Despite the facts that I loved my work, couldn't get a visa, didn't speak the language and didn't know anyone there, I did it!  I threw all my credentials to the wind ending my professional career as a physical therapist, energetic healer, and spiritual coach. Thus, I began a new phase of my life as I surrendered to the Mystic call of the Divine.

Madonna Sharon thumbnail2Upon my arrival in Spain, a renaissance Black Madonna statue was placed in my care. Under her tutelage, I surrendered to the alchemy of Love, my fear was transformed into trust, doubt into wisdom, tears into grace, judgement into compassion, and chaos into harmony. It became clear that all the turmoil in my life was part of my soul journey to realize self Love, my inner Wisdom and my Divinity. I learned to trust that the Universe only knows how to support life and my heart’s cauldron of Divine Love runneth over.


Sharon and Harp in Ancient Stone Circle Scottland For seven years I traveled with the Black Madonna throughout Europe, the Caribbean and the United States. During that journey, a total stranger gifted me with a harp. When I lifted it from her hands, it was as if a missing part of me had returned home. My fingers slid naturally over the strings like a bard from ancient times, striking a chord within me that opened me to a whole new world as the mystic voice of the Divine.


After seven years of bohemian travel with a Black Madonna statue in my backpack and a harp in tow, I've nested on an island in the Pacific Northwest. As a young child, it was through the fairy kingdom and the angelic realms that I met the the Goddess, our Mother Earth. As an adult, it was through the Goddess that I finally met my GodSelf. Now I’ve come full circle to the Magic of Nature as the Divine expression of my Inner Muse dancing on the Wings of Spirit.


“My heart is full of Love and Peace when I'm listening to your beautiful song and I feel like our God is touching my soul. Thank you Sharon Singing Angel. Thank you so much."
~ TeijaMarjo-Riitta Manner ~


“This is GORGEOUS, Sharon...your voice, your music, your message, and the visuals....all are stunning, angelic and move me deeply. Thank you for sharing this with me -- just what I needed today! Much love to you. ”
~ Joanne ~


 “I can only think of one other singer that is as relaxing and mystic as you. Enya. You two really are equals in that.”
~ Ian O’Brien ~
Portland, Oregon, USA




"Find the joy in every moment
and you will find the juicy passion that lives within your heart."
~Sharon Lyn Shepard~



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