Going Beyond Intentions

Whenever I set an intention
it is the mind
that is drawn upon
scanning what has been
to create something better.

The mind immediately
goes into action
spending its time
weighing the old
against the new

battling it all out
in fear of trying
something new
in fear of losing
itself and what it knows.

Therefore. . .
Instead of intending
and engaging the mind
I take a deep breath
sink deeply
into my GodSelf

and I ask. . .

Show me
more of who I am
show me the magic
show me all
I have yet to discover

to BE
free of
the mind’s limitations
the old programs
and society’s constructs

to go beyond
that which
I have ever known
into the depth of myself
to excite my passion.

I do not know
what this looks like
for how could I
when it is beyond
the mind’s imagination.

However, I do know
what it feels like
it feels like
the purity of my GodSelf
it feels like Home.
~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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