I must have been born with a pen in my hand. As a young girl, I used to hide in the gnarly branches of the old apple tree outside my bedroom window and fill notebooks with words that poured from my heart. School put a crook in my pen with all the grammatical rules and literary critiquing. Thus I put my notebooks aside. But my passion for writing never ceased.


As a working mom, there wasn’t much time for writing. However, there was always a tattered journal with unfinished sentences tucked between the folds of my mattress. Writing has always served me as a tool to take me deeper within to reveal clarity when facing life’s challenges. In more recent years it has grown into a sacred gift to access my inner musings during my spiritual awakening process.

Awakening to a New Renaissance 

Humanity is awakening and becoming more conscious. As a result, our world is in constant flux. Perhaps by sharing my inner musings it will stimulate something within you to ease your journey as we move through this time of  transition. My words are laced with vibrational energy. I want you to “feel” them. I want them to pierce your heart to excite and awaken more of who you are. I want you to realize the infinite potentials the world has to offer. I want you to discover new avenues of Joy!

I invite you to stop by often, kick up your feet with a relaxing pot of tea and enjoy what I have to offer as we journey together to expand our consciousness. If you find something that interests you, I encourage you to subscribe to any of my blogs that resonate with you to stay current with our shifting times. And I always enjoy playing with you via your comments!!!

~Black Madonna Diaries~



My intimate relationship with the Divine Mother as companion, confidant and spiritual guide has resulted in several volumes of diaries in her words recorded over the years. I invite to join us in our journey together as we traverse the magnificent landscapes of Spain and France with the Black Madonna as our navigator and guide.

~Wisdom of the Inner Voice~

“Wisdom of the Inner Voice” poetry series takes you on a Soul journey deep into your heart. These poetic words are supportive of expanding consciousness and opening minds to discover your innate passion. Allow these words to sink into your heart to awaken and initiate your own Wisdom of the Inner Voice.

~Divine Musings~


Stacked pebbles


My inner sanctum is a place of rich wisdom that can be called upon to ease the challenges in my daily life and foster joyful expansion. Bridging my inner world with my outer world has become a passionate playground for my muse as our world is in the process of recreating itself. Stop by and see what fresh new insights my muse is pondering.