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"Every time you ignore the desires of your heart,
you block the divinity of your future."
~ Black Madonna ~

Sharon Lyn Shepard

Mystic ~ Writer ~ Musician 

Sharon Lyn Shepard is a modern day mystic, visionary, dream weaver, melody maker, and maestro of words. Her prose and music open hearts, transcend minds, and expand our consciousness, awakening us to our innate Divinity to access our own soul’s wisdom. Because she has a conscious foot in multiple worlds, she is adept at articulating and grounding the essence and transformations we are experiencing during our journey of Self-Realization. 

After retiring from her professional career as a physical therapist, energetic healer, ordained minister, and spiritual coach, she spent seven years following her divine guidance as a bohemian world traveler. Through her multi-cultural experiences she has come to realize all the travails of life are opportunities to expand our consciousness amidst our Soul journey of self-Love and Self-remembrance to ignite the infinite magnificence lying dormant within each of us.

Sharon has learned to create her own reality as heaven on earth. Her mystic writings, books, and harp music transcend our minds, taking us to the deepest recesses of our hearts to dip into our passion and overflowing cauldron of miracles to celebrate life with love and joy. Her words are an invitation to expand our consciousness, embody our GodSelf, and celebrate the bounty of every precious moment.






I offer this webspace as a Sacred Sanctuary, a place of rest, repose, and rejuvenation free of the noise and distractions of daily life, a safe haven of serenity and nurturance from which everything flourishes and grows. As I share my personal experiences, perhaps they will offer solace in knowing that you are not alone as we rediscover our innate resources and connect with our inner muse coming together as companions to reshape our current world.

I am honored to share this heart's journey with you.
Here are some of the ways in which we can connect with one another:

Wisdom of the Inner Voice

Poetry for Embodied Enlightenment

Etudes of Love, Volume I
Realizing our Divinity, Volume II
Labyrinth of Enlightenment, Volume III
Embodied Transformation, Volume IV
Consummating our Sovereignty, Volume V

Available in ebook and paperback


Black Madonna Diaries

Volume I & II available in ebook and paperback



Black Madonna Diaries

The “Black Madonna Diaries” book series guides us on a journey into the depth of Love to realize and embody our own Divinity. Jump into the passenger seat of my little red convertible and surrender to our navigator, the Black Madonna as we traverse the breathtaking vistas of Spain and  Southern France to discover the mystery of Love and the reality of miracles!

Divine Musings

As modern day mystic and visionary my musings open our hearts, transcend our minds, expand our consciousness, and awaken our innate divinity to enjoy the fullness and joy of life.


“Wisdom of the Inner Voice” poetry series takes you on a Soul journey deep into your heart. These poetic words are supportive of expanding consciousness and opening minds to discover your innate passion. Allow these words to sink into your heart to awaken and initiate your own Wisdom of the Inner Voice.